Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ashamed of being Indian

The Manmoron Singh UPA government has never made any bones about its disdain for Indian security or for those men who keep India's borders (and her land) safe.

Instead, they -- Manmohan himself included -- have always bent over backwards to provide compensation for terrorists, grovel for Haneef in Australia and what not. He's lost sleep about sundry terrorists, but snored away as Mumbai and half of India was bombed.

But they've outdone themselves -- and have now sent an Ashok Chakra, a posthumous Ashok Chakra -- by telegram. Imagine the anguish of the family that has lost a Son, to know how little his nation values his supreme sacrifice.

I feel an irrepressible sense of Rage and disgust for our current political masters -- and a deep shame about being Indian.

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