Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Careful UPA -- your slip is showing

The UPA claimed to be interested in "development with a human face" in 2004.

Development, yes, but whos? This article points to the answer: Not the Farmer's.

With agribusiness hotting up, private players are establishing their own supply chains and offering higher prices to farmers for their produce.

Anyone with the "farmers' interest" in mind would welcome this development.

Not the Central Government.

The Central Government, clearly, is not concerned about the farmer.

Instead of allowing farmers to get higher returns, MMS and Co. will now force farmers to sell produce to the sarkar at lower prices than the market.

But then, the UPA is then doing only what its (time tested) Nehruvian Stalinist ideology says: rob the citizen and keep him poor, 'fix' him on an IV drip of doles and alms and control that drip!
Rob the farmer of a fair price, drive out competition and leave the poor farmer dependent on a drip of FCI-fixed prices.

Thank you Finance Minister for informing us of your intent to "help agriculture" in your '07 budget. Now we know who you're planning to help.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Terroristan and Cricket -- Woolmer murdered by team member?

The plot sickens.
Evidence has emerged that Woolmer did not die "of natural causes" but may in fact have been murdered.
The post mortem has revealed Woolmer's cervical vertebrae were fractured -- suggesting that he was strangulated. Given the circumstances, many are hypothesizing that this was an inside job.

My theory is this:
He was murdered by one of the rogues -- sorry, team members -- he tutored.
Which neatly explains why Pakistan lost and is now in an undue hurry to pack up and go home -- they want to be "home and dry" when the Jamaican Police come asking uncomfortable questions.

Reveals again the pathological mind of these fellows -- did I hear Peace Process?