Thursday, September 27, 2007

SC tells Singh Parivar to focus on Primary Education

The Supreme Court is one of the few bastions of common sense in India.
Reflecting its common sense, it has asked a reasonable question: Why this undue haste to mess with the II (T+M)s when Primary Education is such a shambles?

Come on, your honours, you know the reason:
Because fixing Primary Education will require real work -- and real reform, including allowing private participation in Education.

The tokenist UPA has made no real reforms -- as the expose of Lalu's Railway turnaround also reveals (more like a run-aground, if you ask me).

On the other hand, continuing to meddle and micromanage higher education brings significant benefits -- political patronage, being the most important. Imagine being able to stand up in front of a crowd of "the disenfranchised" -- whoever that is -- and saying "your sons and daughters now have spots in the IIMs!"

Of course, only 10 of them will ever make it there, even as millions of "the disenfranchised" remain illiterare. But that rocks the vote!

The SC has demonstrated its solid common sense yet again. However, it should not hold its breath -- desperados of the Singh Parivar (MMS, Arjun etc.) have little to no interest in reforming Education. That'd be like shooting the chicken of continued poverty that lays the electoral golden egg!

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iamfordemocracy said...

SC hasn't been able to get to grips with the blatant constitutional violations of last two years. Jharkhand, Bihar, Goa were some examples. Chawla continuing as election commisioner is another. Ramdoss' hegemony is third.

Constitutional safeguards are being blasted one after another. I wonder if everyone else is as frightened as I am about India. My fear is that a genocide of Hindus is coming up soon.