Monday, April 16, 2007

New addition to the Arundhati-Teesta-Shabana tribe

The Poor thing is getting anxious about "so much inequality everywhere"
"From a policy perspective, it is crucial that the attributes of disadvantaged groups are clearly and objectively determined. The interlocking of inequalities — cultural, social and economic — is evident. As such, there is a need for policies that do not put the challenges of recognition and of redistribution into separate boxes, but clearly address the areas of their overlap. A balance must be struck between the claims of sheer identity and those of palpable material deprivation."
A textbook example of how to spout utter garbage but make it sound intellectual and scary. Of course, her solution to inequality: even more inequality -- in terms of access and benefits.
These jhola-walis cannot seem to get it into their heads: the only reforms in India that have worked are those that have universally lowered access barriers.

But how can she? Blinded by Communism, she is!

Its surprising newspapers dedicate column space to this rubbish... guess anything with the name "Nehru" automatically finds its way into the news.

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